Act of Terror Game Series

Season 1

Act of Terror
Season 1

Act of Terror is a short action thriller and a tribute to the great show "24".
The game is set in six hours of a day in the life of Jack, from 11:00 A.M. till 5:00 P.M.

Feel the terror. Are you able to prevent the terrorist attacks and catch the instigators before the time runs out?
You have only six hours to fend off the greatest catastrophe in human history.

An undercover agent who operates out of a terrorist group called 'Red State' reported a planned nerve gas attack within the next hour. The clock is ticking...

The Gameplay alternates between preventing terror attacks in time, Shootouts (ABS), Melee-Fights, car chases, interrogations and uncovering a conspiracy.


Special Agent, very well trained and the first choice when it comes to delicate operations. Acts professionally, but ruthless.

Jack's partner and one of his closest friends.

Leader of the anti-terrorist unit.

The woman for any eventuality. Has a rather odd way, but is a genius when it comes to technical know-how.

The characters are all known from the show "24".

Arrow-Keys: Move
Shift: Move faster
A: Melee
S: Shoot
D: Direction Fix ON/OFF
Q: Use radio

I've added the Direction Fix Key (D) for accurate aiming, so you can also move side- and backwards while shooting.

Press F1 to configure the game. You can even play with a controller.

Download (english version)

Download (german version)